Permaculture & Gardening

This space is dedicated to gardening and permaculture. By designing our green spaces thoughtfully and in harmony with the ecosystem in which we embed them, we can create an environment that not only lets us share in the Earth’s bounty but give back to nature and share that bounty with the creatures that live in them. Getting our hands dirty is a great way to connect with the earth. Gardeners often consider it a kind of meditation that gets them into a flow as guardians and stewards of their piece of land.

Gardening produces food to nourish our bodies but also nourishes the soul. According to many recent studies, gardening is highly therapeutic and ‘gardening therapy’ has become ‘a thing’. Another trend that has been taking hold in recent years is community or urban gardening in which groups of ordinary people get together in order to take care of a little piece of public space, to grow not only food and flowers but also a sense of community. 



Gardening Jobs in July

Gardening Jobs in July

This is the time of the year that every gardener is waiting for! The garden is in its prime. Everything is grown, flowering and fruiting, and it is a sheer joy to be out there enjoying nature’s bounty.

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