Why single out trees to give them their own space within these pages, when there are so many different kinds of plants? There is no rational reason for this, but trees occupy a special place in our hearts and minds. Perhaps, it is something about our evolutionary past that has created that deep-rooted connection to the arboreal world in our souls. 

Even long after we stopped living in the trees, they have continued to give us comfort and shelter, foods and medicines, as well as materials for almost all our material needs.

The forest is both, an outer reality and a representation of the inner world. What emerged between these realms are human cultures whose roots have become deeply entwined with those trees. 

Whether in the Amazon rain forest or in the forest cultures of northern Europe, our relationship with trees and forests have shaped our world in both the material and spiritual dimensions. 

This space is dedicated to exploring trees in all their glory.

The Cultural History of Grapes

The Cultural History of Grapes

There are at least 8000 cultivated varieties of grapes, most of which are grown in the Northern Hemisphere. Grapes are one of the most important agricultural crops in the world. But they have far more uses than ordinarily meet the palate.

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